Some common issues you might have with seabreeze

No spectrometer is detected

Here’s some possible causes for why your spectrometer is not detected:

  1. You did not run seabreeze_os_setup

    # please run the script
  2. Your spectrometer is not supported by the backend you are using

    # check that it's supported
    >>> import seabreeze.cseabreeze as csb
    >>> api = csb.SeaBreezeAPI()
    >>> api.supported_models()
    [u'FlameNIR', ..., u'Ventana']
    >>> import seabreeze.pyseabreeze as psb
    >>> api = psb.SeaBreezeAPI()
    >>> api.supported_models()
    [u'Apex', ..., u'Ventana']
  3. Your spectrometer is not working

    # Test your spectrometer with the original software provided by OceanOptics